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Update 7/31 10:50 AM – We will reopen Wednesday, August 1st!

Many of our loyal customers have told us that they made purchases for the second session last Thursday, but they lost their receipts. We don’t feel like it would be fair to offer refunds to those who have receipts and penalize those who don’t. So we’re going to run a big special for everyone.

On Wednesday evening get a double session computer for the single session price. 12on paper packs will be $2 for a single session and $4 for a double session. Limited to one per customer per session.

If you have unplayed pull tabs from Thursday, bring them on Wednesday to be played. If you have any unplayed paper you can bring it in to play on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Update 7/30 3:47 PM – Our repairs are nearly complete, but the city will not be able to inspect until tomorrow so we will unfortunately not be able to open tonight Monday 7/30/18. We have our fingers crossed for tomorrow. Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding.

Update 7/27 2:43 PM – The repairs are taking longer than we had hoped and we will have to close through the weekend and reopen Monday at the earliest.  If you left any personal belongings behind in the bingo hall you can meet us there tomorrow (7/28) to collect them from 3PM to 6PM.  Stay tuned for further updates.

Update 7/27 12:14 PM – Electricians are on site working on a solution. At this point opening tonight will be a long shot, but tomorrow is a good possibility.

Update 7/27 10:26AM – As many of you know we had an electrical fire last night (7/26/18). We are working on repairs and we aren’t sure yet whether we will be open tonight. We will update this page throughout the day and we will send a text when we know whether we will open tonight.  Make sure to text ABINGO to 31996 to stay updated.